Static Website

For a Startup business, if you are looking to display your brand’s story then static website is the best choice as it can be built quickly and also loads faster. It is a basic webpage and is pre-cached or pre-generated, which means the same information is served for every user. The static website is generated with fixed code.

These websites do not require intricate web design but are coded in HTML and CSS. Building and handling a static website is easy and suitable for small businesses.

A static website is cost-effective and you can save more time in developing. It is the best method for getting your business’s website and online visibility with a limited budget for marketing. A static website also offers better protection and security. It is also a maintenance-free website.

For a small business, we would suggest going with static website design with low investment and the designing process is also short. Though static web design is a basic web design, we don’t compromise on quality and provide premium web designs that cater to your business.

Static Website

Static website development by our team ensures reliable and efficient applications by offering a great user experience. We ensure you that your website will be displayed as an experienced one in the industry and will build an online reputation among customers.

Get Landing page / promotional page / Business Profile site @ just Rs.999

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